Early British Colour Television

Welcome to the home of Early British Colour Television, here you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips relating to early colour Television. If you’re looking to find a set from your past, doing research or in the process of repairing a set and need help, Radios-TV is the place to start. So let your fingers do the clicking.


What Can you Expect?

Do you remember when a telly looked like a telly? When it was a piece of furniture that you lavished love on, even polished from time to time? If you’re over 40yrs old, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those that don’t but are interested then read on. First, this site is a Digital free, HD free, flat panel free zone, we don’t even do Black or Grey plastic CRT TV’s. What we do cover is the hey day of early colour television proper analogue television.

I provide a look back in time at these wonderful sets, covering the exciting period of change that took place in the living rooms across the UK right before our eyes from 1967 – 1977. I hope to also help the younger generations understand our early colour TV heritage. This sites aim is to inform and provide a record of what sets were available so there are no mistaking 80’s TV’s for the true early first generation colour sets.

Background & Goals

1967 was the year colour launched in the UK, to read more about that, click here. The 1970’s saw colour TV really taking off with more and more people getting their first colour set. This site will provide a glimpse of what those early Colour TVs were like and what was on offer to the UK market when Colour TV was new and very expensive. Plenty of period articles on individual set features and costs, also information provided to the trade on how to gear up ready for the launch. You will find many period brochures to browse through and fascinating articles. What’s more you can follow my early colour television collection which are in various states of repair. These include sets such as Baird, Decca, Bush, GEC, HMV & Ferguson to name but a few, you will be able to get up close and personal with them. Rather than just fancy frontal photos you get to see inside and watch over the shoulder as they undergo repair.

Repairs and Servicing

The TV’s in my collection are in the process of being repaired to working order, I hasten to add I prefer to repair rather than rip out all the old components many of which are still functioning well within tolerance. I replace only where necessary, there are no blanket changes. They are maintained on a fix-on-fail basis and you can follow the ups and downs as they are brought back to life in the workshop.

You will find hints and tips for certain models and plenty of technical articles all designed to assist you with repairs. As you will see I have a fondness for the BRC/Thorn chassis’ especially the 3000/3500 but there are plenty of other early British CTV models to tickle your interest. Along with stock faults for many popular models, fault finding guides and set up techniques.

There are many ex trade service engineer stories of “daring do” in the Trade Tales section of this site. You will also find there are Vintage Radio & Television Forums on offer, here you will find many members discussing and tackling various projects.

All in all a wealth of vintage information at your finger tips, I hope a one stop unique experience. So step on in, leave the modern throw-away world behind, travel back in time to a vintage world of repair when the “Telly Man” was king and enjoy Radios-TV “The Home Of Early Colour Television”.