British Vintage Colour Television

Some may be asking why early colour? Well why not. There are a multitude of sites that have been around in the UK for a long time covering British monochrome 405 TV’s, that area is more than adequately catered for. What is severely lacking though is a site promoting early British Colour TV,  this is the area I intend to bring you to address that imbalance.


1971 Ferguson 3705

So What Can you Expect?

I’m going to provide a look back in time at these wonderful sets, looking at the exciting period of change that took place in your living room right before your eyes. A glimpse of what early CRT Colour TVs were like and what was on offer to the UK market when Colour TV was new and very expensive.

There are many period brochures to browse through along with my early colour television collection which are in various states of repair. These include sets such as Baird, Decca, Bush, GEC, HMV & Ferguson to name but a few.

The TV’s are in the process of being repaired to working order, I hasten to add I prefer to repair rather than rip out all the old components. I replace only where necessary, they are no blanket changes. I have BRC/Thorn 2000,3000,3500.8500,9000 etc all happily running with many “callins” caps. Therefore the sets are then maintained on a fix-on-fail basis and you can follow the ups and downs as they are brought back to life in the workshop.

You will also find hints and tips for certain models, as you will see I have a fondness for the BRC/Thorn chassis’ but there are plenty of others on offer. There are many ex trade engineers who are members so you will find some interesting stories in the Trade Tales section. There is also a Vintage Radio & Television Forum of offer, here you will find many members discussing and tackling various projects. All in all a wealth of information at your finger tips.


We do not provide valuations so please don’t ask. If you want to sell something then let it find its natural value on e-bay.Any requests will not be responded to.

Props and Art Projects

We do not provide or get involved in any of the above, so please do not ask. Any requests will not be responded to.

Old TV Sets and parts

If you are throwing something out be it TV or parts from the early 70’s and would prefer it put to good use and are prepared to donate to the cause of preservation, then please make contact using the contact link above.

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  1. michelle

    Great site I have enjoyed learning more about the long-forgotten TV I found in my parents house on Tuesday, a 1972 Ferguson Colourstar 3713 (8500? Thorn? 4 knobs for the channels and sliders for the rest).

    I’ve put it up for sale in the hope that it will shortly find a new home and lease of life! Without sites like yours it would have gone straight to the tip! I never imagined it was quite that old.


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