Welcome to  Radios-TV/VRAT, this site and its forum, have been running since February 2011 but the story started in 2001 when I first launched Valve-Radios.co.uk. you can read all about the journey here. In those intervening years we’ve gone through many changes and most recently the old forums topics and posts have been migrated into this site.

Radios-TV/Vrat  is more than just a forum (vrat) it also incorporates a Blog (radios-tv), its members sharing their passion for old electronics. The Blog and forum provide a window through time, back to a world of vintage home entertainment. All through brochures, period articles and of course repairs, we bring together both ex-trade service engineers and amateur vintage TV and Radio enthusiasts. You’ll find plenty of advice on offer from our membership and of course all the free service info available up top. There’s also a members only data library that is available when members reach a certain level of posts.

All sorts of equipment can be found being repaired from 1930’s 405-line pre-war televisions, to late 70’s colour TV’s, radios, amps, test equipment and many other such vintage electronic items. Come on don’t be just a lurker, what have you got to lose, joining is simple just click on the login/register link up top. If you want to have a nose about first then use the menu above and take a trip via the forum or Blog links. If you want to join us the registration process is quick, open and very simple. If you’re a long absent member returning, all you need do is reset your password and then login (see info on login page).

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