1968 HMV 2700 Colourmaster

BRC 2000 Chassis

Model: HMV 2700


System: 405/625 Line

Original List Price : £362.18

Valves: None, all transistor

CRT: Mazda A63 11X

Here we have the first fully transistorised colour television receiver in the world. This HMV Colourmaster Model 2700, introduced in 1968, uses a 25 inch MAZDA shadow-mask tube. This being a colour dual standard, is capable of  405 line and 625 line. There are eight detachable circuit boards which are placed all around a rectangular frame which forms the main chassis. The whole unit can be slid out on rails to aid access and servicing.

hmv27-3 hmv27-4 hmv27-5 hmv27-6 hmv27-7 hmv27-8 hmv27-9 hmv27-10

Powered this one on and there was a nice test card F displayed, however right before my eyes the line sync started to go and could not be resolved with adjustment. The set has many Callins and no doubt one or more are starting to exhibit leakage ( electrical not physical).




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