1970 Ferguson 3703

BRC 3000 Chassis

Model: Ferguson Colourstar 3703


System: 625 Line

Original List Price : £239.15

Valves: None, all transistor

General Info:
This recently arrived, a kind gift from a friend and a very welcome addition to the early colour collection.


Prior to delivery to me the set suffered a minor drop, this little drop ( a few inches) resulted in a fair bit of damage to the plastic facia, having 4 large chunks break away, three at the top and one at the bottom, almost all the facia mount points were broken too. Luckily the CRT mounts survived.

The plastic moulded facia holds the CRT and Degauss shield, quite a bit of weight. The whole unit then fixes to the front of the wooden cabinet. To be honest its not the best design, all that weight on plastic.

Anyway I’ve repaired it all using Milliput, glassfibre and expoxy resin. The whole repair work is very strong now and should last. I matched the repair areas with black paint, on the outside you can just make out the hairline cracks but theres nothing much I can do about that.

It was missing 5 knobs which after a rummage through the spare box turned up the four I needed. Also 3 of the Star Heat-sinks were missing, I’ve ordered a few of those.


The chassis looks to be a good example of an early 3000 and I look forward to restoring this set.

hmv3703-3 hmv3703-4 hmv3703-5

The Facia now fully repaired having used Milliput, Glass fibre and epoxy resin

hmv3703-6 hmv3703-7 hmv3703-8 hmv3703-9 hmv3703-10 hmv3703-11 hmv3703-12

Power applied nothing untoward and a raster is presented, time to inject a signal. The test card was partially visible after a quick and dirty tune and set-up I had a rather sickly test card F

hmv3703-13 hmv3703-14 hmv3703-15 hmv3703-16



Little bit of work started on this one. Basically the set is functioning but is starting to fail due to tired components. Installing a missing non polarised electrolytic on the Video board C214 restored the colour but after about 10 mins the picture faded to nothing.

Replaced C707,C708, C709 on the convergence panel. I also noted the beam switches were breaking down so these were removed and jumper straps installed effectively fixing them to the on position. This has now restored the picture once again. Much work to do on this one as all the components appear to have lead a hard life.

hmv3703-17 hmv3703-18Shading on one half of the test card.


Curious fault I need to resolve is the test card has a different shade on the left side compared to the right!

I will get back to this one so there will be more to follow as this set is worked upon.

One comment

  • frank humphris banbury oxon uk

    When I first started as a trainee TV engineer at a refurb depot in Rugby uk, I would spend all day repairing psu after psu using a repair jig. It was made of a 3k tv set turned inside out on the bench so you looked at crt front on. In front of this was the chassis so easy to work on the boards. What memories, later on I worked on line stage and so on.

    Keep up the good work


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