GEC Music Centre Range

Models Covered: GEC 2817, GEC 2819, GEC 2820, GEC A4021H,  GEC A4022H, GEC A4023H, GEC A5019H, GEC A5020H

gecmc01 gecmc02 gecmc03 gecmc04 gecmc05 gecmc06 gecmc07 gecmc08gecmc09 gecmc10 gecmc11 gecmc12 gecmc13 gecmc14 gecmc15 gecmc16

gecmc17 gecmc18 gecmc19 gecmc20 gecmc21 gecmc22 gecmc23 gecmc24

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Kevin Clayto
Kevin Clayto
1 year ago

I used to work for GEC Radio and Television in the late 1970’s and couldn’t remember the make of the record deck (BSR). Looking on the Web did not give me the answer until I landed on your site. Nice trip down memory lane

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