1970s Lounge Recreation 1

A while back I set about recreating a 1970s lounge. I wanted this to be a retreat from the modern world, back to one that I felt more at home and comfortable in. OK, not to everybody’s taste but if we were all the same life would be dull.

1970s Lounge Recreation 21970s Lounge Recreation 31970s Lounge Recreation 4

The tiles on the fireplace wall are a feature I clearly remember. My dad used the same manufacturer, but slight different tiles to create a feature fireplace around 1971/72, it’s amazing what sticks in your mind as I was only seven or eight years old. This was as the same time we got our first colour television (Decca CS1830) which I happen to also have in my collection and, once fully repaired, will get a turn as the lounge TV. For now, it’s the 1969 Bush A823 doing the honours.

1970s Lounge Recreation 5
1973 19″ Decca CS1830

Of an evening, I sit back and enjoy watching episodes from my many 70s box sets, just a selection of below, I’ve recently added many more including the entire series of Six Million Dollar Man, Upstairs Downstairs, The Good Life etc. Or if I’m not in the mood for TV, there’s always the 8-track and all the cassettes to listen to. I’ve also got a large collection of period N1500 & N1700 tapes with period recordings and many CED video discs, so never a lack for something to be entertained by.

1970s Lounge Recreation 6

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