1972 Rigonda Party-Time Stereo


I’ve been after a Rigonda record player for a long, long time.

When I was a kid I remember we had a Decca CS1830 (our first colour television) and a Mono Rigonda Party Time record player. Well I’ve not managed to find the TV yet but have recently found the Stereo version of the Rigonda Party Time.

Later we replaced the Party Time with the Calypso which was Stereo. I had no idea the Party Time was also available in Stereo.

I have the circuit data as its listed in the 1972- 1973 R&TS book from page 677. I would like to find brochures and info on this Russian company. I know they made a fair bit of kit and it all seemed to be reasonable quality although I think at the time is was middle to low budget kit. It works well and now has a new stylus.

The brochure blurb and photos.

rigonda2 rigonda7 rigonda3 rigonda4 rigonda5 rigonda6

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