1973 Decca CS2230

Bradford 30 Chassis

Model: Decca CS2230 Hybrid


System: 625 Line

Original List Price : £249.00

V1 PCL82 Audio Amplifier
V2a PCF80 V2a Frame Oscillator (t) V2b PCF80 Sync Separator (p)
V3 PL508 Frame Output
V4a PCF802 Reactance Valve (t) V4b Line Oscillator (p)
V5 PY500 Efficiency Diode
V6 PL509 Line Output

Transistors: 34

Integrated Circuit: 1 for the sound i.f. amplifier

CRT: 22″ Mullard A56 120X

General Info:

A development from the Decca Bradford colour chassis, the 30 Chassis utilises a vertical modular layout with easy to remove panels.

This model 30 chassis looks to be an early one, but unlike the model 10 which had a fully transistorised decoder and mechanical tuner, this one has the Motorola MC1327P integrated circuit which has lead to the RGB circuits being greatly simplified.

As was pointed out to me by Gary (405 fan) this set employs the Telefunken mechanical tuner which is reportedly one of the finest of its type. Extremely reliable and pretty much only needs a clean and lubricate to restore normal function if any drift is encountered.

cs2230-1 cs2230-2 cs2230-3 cs2230-4 cs2230-5 cs2230-6

2 thoughts on “1973 Decca CS2230

  1. Remember this chassis very well and it was also the family’s first colour tv. I remember watching Tommy Cooper the first night, we were fascinated seeing the world of b/w tv in colour lol.

    I used to be a television engineer starting my career at British Relay tv. working on those old Pye 2051 sets Pye 11u b/w sets, philips G6 K500 dual standard sets. Remember the colour decoder boards on the G6 chassis where the pcb would break down and cause red,blue or green hum bars lol and the PL802’S That used to ark over. and the solid state version replacement for that valve…lol…the good old days

  2. We sold loads of these second hand in the shop where I worked on a Saturday and some afternoons after school back in the early 80s. The chief engineer loved them!

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