1973 Dynatron CTV18

PYE 721 Chassis

Model: Dynatron CTV18


System:625 Line Hybrid

Original List Price : £000.00 ( to be ascertained)

Feature:- Wired Remote

V1 PL509 Line Output
V2 PCF802 Line Oscillator
V3 PY500A Efficiency Diode
V4 PCL84 R-Y Amp and Clamp
V5 PCL84 G-Y Amp and Clamp
V6 PCL84 B-Y Amp and Clamp
V7 PL802 Luminance Output

CRT: Mullard A66-120X

Condition: Requires Restoration and a arrived with a necked (broken) CRT

At first I thought the chassis used in this set was a 697 however according to Philips/PYE group data supplement this set is listed as follows :-

Model Released  CRT  Tuner  Control  Chassis  Remarks
CTV18 1973 26″ PB(6) Slider 721 Wired Remote


ctv18-17 ctv18-1 ctv18-2 ctv18-3 ctv18-4 ctv18-5

As you can see from the next couple of photo’s the previous owner managed to neck the tube which is a real shame as I’m sure it probably would have given a good picture. So the hunt starts for a replacement A66 120X

ctv18-6 ctv18-7 ctv18-8 ctv18-9 ctv18-10 ctv18-11

Luckily a new A66 120X was sourced from a good mate ( Thanks Trevor)

ctv18-12 ctv18-13

Now time to fit the new CRT, so all the panels have to come out and a fair amount of disturbance.

ctv18-14 ctv18-15 ctv18-16

New CRT fitted, just now waiting time to get the set up to the bench to see what else needs fixing with the circuits.


2 thoughts on “1973 Dynatron CTV18

  1. I remember that remote control, the wires used to break just at the point the cable enters the handset. Cut six inches off and rewire, usually long enough not to matter. The Tint and Tone controls were probably added to give it that luxury set feel. The Tone may have helped but the Tint was not required if the set was working and set up correctly, full Pal D. Biggest let down was the 697 chassis Power/Line output assembly and the CDA board overheating. Not sure why the CDA board gave trouble in this set as the earlier 691 chassis with the same CDA board worked without trouble.
    I think this set also used the Mullard T1043? tuner, I had problems with that tuner, in any set, perhaps others faired better.

    • I suspect the CDA boards in the later models were slightly thinner or ran hotter, as the boards themselves tended to buckle and even burn more.

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