1973 Marconiphone 4711

BRC/Thorn 3500 Chassis

Model: Marconiphone 4711


System:625 Line

Original List Price : £000.00 ( to be ascertained)

Valves: None


CRT: A67 120X

Brochure Photo


The Actual Set

I bought this from the family of the original owners who got it in 1973. It was serviced by the local dealer, their stamp visible on the back of the set. Pretty much untouched since it was retired but sat in the owners lounge all these years, inside its has a thick layer of dust, perfect. The pictures don’t quite relay how big this TV is. It is in fact as big as the 1967 Decca CTV25.

marc4711-1 marc4711-2marc4711-11marc4711-3 marc4711-4 marc4711-5 marc4711-10 marc4711-6 marc4711-7 marc4711-8 marc4711-9

Mazda A67 120X Health Check

As is customary before I do anything else and on which hinges whether the set will be repaired, “is the CRT OK with regards to shorts, filaments and emissions”.

This A67 120X should give a good account of itself with the Red and Blue guns giving a good reading. Green is slightly lower than the other two but may pick up with use.

I’ve had much worse readings on other tubes and those CRT’s have gone on to give excellent results. I always remember the RCA tube in the Baird M702, that had lower readings on all three guns than this tubes green. The Baird went on to give the best picture I’ve seen on a vintage early colour television. With this tube and the excellent 3500 chassis, I expect the results to be at least very good.

That’s it for now on this set until I get the HMV 2703 PSU sorted and off the bench, then this one will get its turn.

marca67tst-2 marca67tst-1


Possible reason for this sets retirement The multi-can electrolytic ( C602,C603, C606) has failed spilling its guts. Upon cleaning the dust away it reveals some repairs in the video supply rail, in particular R609 and W602. A new multi-can will be fitted and then power applied to the PSU on the test rig. That won’t be happening just yet as this set has to wait its turn in the queue. I just wanted to do an evaluation of the PSU.

psu-1 psu-2 psu-3 psu-4 psu-5

7 Replies to “1973 Marconiphone 4711”

  1. I, W and J Craven, that would be Ian Craven. I was his apprentice in 1970. He was senior engineer at Rays Rentals, Spennymoor. He left to start on his own in 1974. He worked from Leehome post office, Bishop Auckland which he took over. Later to take over a small shop at the rear of Spennymoor bus station. This set has a good chance of being supplied by Rays Rentals, the firm I served my time with. I could have even installed it Malc.


  2. What a cracker Chris! I too found a set in the middle of nowhere, a Baird 8736 3k5 very similar to yours. The family had retired it and it was just too big to take to the tip so they shut the doors and put a modern set on top!

    On the lookout for a colourstar 3703 or the Marconiphone version if anyone hears of a set for sale.


  3. I was given a scrap set like this back when I was very young in the late 70’s from a chap my dad used to work with. It was too big for me to move, but I managed to plug it in and get a small aerial. Switched it on and stone dead for about 15-20 minutes and then it sprang into life and gave a great picture! Trouble was, if you turned it off, you had to wait another 20 mins for it to start again. At that time of course, I had very limited electronics knowledge…..even less than I do now !!


  4. I was never a great fan of the Thorn 3000/3500 series, largely because the power supply modules were so difficult to work on and of course, they accounted for the majority of faults. Picture quality though was pretty good.


  5. We had the Marconiphone 4715
    Lasted 30 years
    My new LGPK590 plasma failed and I had to repair it after 4 years

    Built in obsolescence eh!


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