1971 PYE CT203/1

Hybrid 697 Chassis

Model: PYE CT203/1


System:625 Line Hybrid

Original List Price : £000.00 ( to be ascertained)

V1 PL509 Line Output
V2 PCF802 Line Oscillator
V3 PY500A Efficiency Diode
V4 PCL84 R-Y Amp and Clamp
V5 PCL84 G-Y Amp and Clamp
V6 PCL84 B-Y Amp and Clamp
V7 PL802 Luminance Output

Mullard A66-120X

General Information

There were many trials and tribulations on getting this one back to working order, It would fill pages and pages. So instead I will let the pictures summarise, there were decode issues, frame and Line Time-Base issues, Audio, convergence, all to be sorted before getting to the final stage.

ct203-1 ct203-2 ct203-3 ct203-4 ct203-5 ct203-6 ct203-7 ct203-8 ct203-9 ct203-10 ct203-11 ct203-12 ct203-13 ct203-14 ct203-15 ct203-16 ct203-17

3 thoughts on “1971 PYE CT203/1

  1. I believe but could be wrong that this set was made about the time that quality control was not has good has it could have been, apologies to anyone at Pye if I am wrong. We had batches of sets from this era, the 697 chassis being delivered new from Pye/Ekco with poor pictures. We had the equipment to set them up and complete alignment. IF/Chroma etc gave the results this chassis was capable of. Of course it was the 697 chassis so they still gave the reliability problems associated with this chassis.

    Although there were chroma faults on this TV, I found the Chroma board to be very reliable in all the Dual standard/691/693/697 chassis, basically the same design.

  2. Hi Frank,

    I think you’re right, having spoken to many ex trade folk the common theme is one of horror when the 697 chassis is discussed.

    I wish I could find a 691 PSU module for this set, it was far more reliable then the PCB version in the 697. This set has been a pig and continues to cough up problem after problem, still just a matter of working through them all as they happen. As with all my sets I do fix-on-fail rather than a blanket blitz on components.

    When it is working the picture is pretty outstanding and the CRT is a cracker. I have a Dynatron CTV18 which has a 721 chassis ( basically a 697 with a couple of extra controls) which had a necked CRT. I’ve fitted a new CRT and its currently waiting its turn on the bench.

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