1974 Report

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1 thought on “1974 Report

  1. Interesting to see two of the exact model of colour TVs that have been in my family’s ownership in the past here: the Telefunken and the SABA. Both were given to us second-hand: we simply couldn’t afford that sort of money! The SABA user controls were motorised to work with their remote and a weak point in that remote was the on-off button mechanism, whereupon the plastic pegs in the moulding would fail. However, that was in the days when you could write to SABA and a new one would be forthcoming FOC… the same remote was also used with a contemporary hi-fi tuner amplifier, the Freiburg Telecommander H.

    It’s worth noting that in 1974 the German mains lead colours referenced in the text were their standard at the time.

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