1975 SABA T4610

Rank|Bush|Murphy: Z718 Chassis

Model: T4610


System:625 Line

Original List Price : £000.00 ( to be ascertained)

Valves: None

Transistors: Yes

Integrated Circuits: Yes

UHF Tuner Unit type Z911
I.F. Unit Z908
Decoder Panel Z905
Scan Drive Panel Z906
Line Output Panel Z904
Convergence Panel Z910
Power Supply Unit Z960

CRT: ??

Not British I hear you saying, well on the outside you’re correct but its badge engineering. It maybe a German made SABA on the outside but very British on the inside. You see the set employs the Rank Bush Murphy Z718 chassis.

A very 1970’s looking set with the white cabinet and chrome “hairpin” legs. The 70’s saw a few of these bold style sets, like the Murphy “Accoustic” range in white, orange red etc. This was in stark contrast to the majority of sets which were mainly to be found in wood cabinets.saba1 saba2 saba3sabatoolsaba4 saba5 saba6

The set as you can see above is pretty much working. Personally I think it would benefit from a gey-scaling as to me the grey’s are a bit too blue. I’m sure we can improve this set further.

2 thoughts on “1975 SABA T4610

  1. I’ve got the Bush version – the BC6100 with a brand spanking new CRT which I fitted a while back. It sees service from time to time in the dining room and it’s a smasher.

  2. Hi Tas,

    They certainly do give a superb picture, I remember reading your thread back in 2008 and your cabinet refresh looked great.

    I like the clean lines of the SABA all the controls hidden away behind flaps giving it a very 70’s “sleak-look”.

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