1977 Ferguson 3734

Thorn 9600 Chassis

Model: Ferguson 3734


System:625 Line

Original List Price : £000.00 ( to be ascertained)

Valves: None

Transistors: Yes

Intergrated Circuits: Yes

CRT: A56 611X

General Info:

This set was acquired by a friend who when collecting a few sets for himself, thought of me when he saw this one. Subsequently given as a gift, many thanks Mike.


fer3734-2fergpanfer3734-3 fer3734-4 fer3734-5

Initial Power on result.

Powered up flashes at edges of the screen crackle and pop in the speaker as the set repeatedly trips.

An excellent addition on this model from Thorn is the diagnostic ports TSA ( Scanning) & TSB (Power Supply) to see if the expected voltages are present, helps with fault finding. It will help to narrow the fault down as the set can be operated with any of the daughter boards removed. Along with removing the supply rail fuses to isolate the fault/trip condition should be found.

Some photos of the various boards :-

Service position of the 9600. As ever Thorn really did consider ease of access for the service engineer.


Line and Frame output board with E-W Raster correction module – Huge great heat-sink running along the rear of the boardfer3734-8

Switch Mode PSU – Line and Frame Oscillator Module – SYCLOPS Control Boardsfer3734-9

I.F -Video & Chroma board


Touch Tuner – Audio Output


Main Controls – Touch pad resistor module – Speaker – Main filter box & switch


22″ A56 611X


Armed with the service manuals for this model, I’m hoping I have a little less torrid time with this Thorn, than I had with the 8500, 9905 and 9000.


3 thoughts on “1977 Ferguson 3734

  1. That’s the set I’ve been looking for! This one was on Fools and horses when Granddad was alive in the show, also this was built for Television for Schools and Colleges and University’s. The only difference was that this set was in a very large cabinet with doors and hood. Inside was painted in black while outside it was a dark brown wood colour.

    The set had two neon lights in the front, Red for power, Orange for Monitor mode. It had VHF / UHF aerial sockets, I think it had base band video in and out, same type as CB radio aerial in. The Audio was 5 pin in and out.

    I used to connect my Radio Aid for TV sound direct to my hearing aids, mind you I was the only kid was allowed to plug this radio aid in or out, those were the days.

  2. The 9600 version that was built for educational establishments was actually the 9653 chassis which had been modified to provide baseband video and audio out and also contained a mains isolating transformer to allow this to be done. The chassis was housed in an oversized cabinet, with doors and a shade which was all mounted on a Unicol wheeled stand. The Unicol stand also contained a shelf for a VCR to rest on. There was definitely a 26″ “schools” model using the 9653 chassis and I think I may have seen reference to a 22″ inch version too.

    The school sets were provided via Radio Rentals Contracts and servicing was often provided by the DER leg of the Thorn rental outlets. I certainly serviced a fair few 9653, and the earlier 3700 (based on the 3500 chassis) sets in schools in the North East during my time with DER.

  3. When these were working the quality of the picture was very good
    the rental versions had tint and tone controls
    but they were a bit complex for a thorn esp the syclops control

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