1978 Teleton CPL142

Model: CPL-142


System:625 Line

Original List Price : £189.00

Valves: None

Transistors: Yes

Intergrated Circuits: Yes


1978 Teleton CPL142 1 1978 Teleton CPL142 2 1978 Teleton CPL142 3 1978 Teleton CPL142 4 1978 Teleton CPL142 5

1978 Teleton CPL142 6

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4 years ago

A lot of Far Eastern portable sets from this era had a similar style to this, with a white case, thick bezel around the screen, minimal controls & a badge where the VHF tuner would have been.

They seem to be a good place to start a vintage TV collection, being in a sweet spot of having simple & reliable electronics that can normally be fixed if anything goes wrong.

IIRC Teleton was a Mitsubishi sub-brand. I remember my Uncle having a receiver made by them which survived well into the 1990s, being used by my cousins for many years.

3 years ago

It was unusual to see a colour set with a continuous UHF tuner at this time… though I can certainly remember seeing some. Of course, the earliest Baird 700s had them. They were very common on black and white sets, and you saw plenty of those with room for a VHF tuner. I had a JBI 12P63 (an NEC badge engineering), that was still in reasonable working order in 2012… I only scrapped it because I no longer had room for it.

Reply to  Philip Reynolds
1 year ago

Philip – I also had a 12P63. I remember it well, I had it as a 10 year old, back in the late 70s – early 80s. I had it hooked up to my ZX Spectrum (ironic for a black and white tv), and it gave me many years of good service – and that was after my parents had used it in their bedroom for several years. The picture quality seemed really good. Its only fault was the volume control dial gradually got that awful problem that rotary controls all seem to get when you turn them and they make that horrible crashy sound, and flit between no sound and full volume if you so much as breathe near them. I had it for about six years, until I got a job and could afford a colour tv. Ahh, memories!

Reply to  Matt
1 year ago

Oddly enough mine got much use with a Spectrum too!

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