1979 D|E|R 5511

Thorn 9905 Chassis

Model: D|E|R 5511


System: 625 Line

Original List Price : £000.00 ( to be ascertained)

Valves: None

Transistors: Yes

Integrated Circuits: Yes

General Information

Another Thorn offering this time in the for of a 9905 offering badged up as a D|E|R (Domestic Electric Rentals). The 9005 is virtually identical to the 9000 using a parallel switched-mode power supply running synchronously with line. A conventional transistor line output stage except that it uses the power supply switching transistor to conduct the latter portion of scan with an efficiency diode conducting the first part. This was known as SYCLOPS (SYnchronous Converter and Line OutPut Stage).

A simple fix this one R735 a 3.9R resistor to the 24V rail was O/C, replaced that and the 24V rail was restored.

der5111-1 der5111-3

Switched Mode PSU & Line Output – 01-558-002


Frame Timbase / Line Oscillator Driver – 01-526-003-010


Syclops Control – PC 756


Sweep Tune – PC 1023-001


Audio Output – PC 502-003


IF Video & Chroma – 01-929-006-129



Not having a 3.9R I made up this little fella.


Bingo! Raster time!

der5111-4 der5111-6 der5111-7




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