Early 1980s Ferguson Video Recorders

This articles aim is to show some of the video recorders you might have seen or even owned in the early or late 1980’s.  As and when I find more examples I will add them to the article.

If you have any memories of owning, servicing that you would like to share, then please leave your comments below.

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2 Replies to “Early 1980s Ferguson Video Recorders”

  1. I remember seeing every one of those Ferguson,JVC,BAIRD VHS decks the 2nd top loader VHS 3V30 deck was my very 1st VHS deck but it was in jet back wearing BAIRD logo. The funny thing is the telly had a Ferguson Logo which is unusual for radio rentals to rent out Ferguson brand rather than a Baird badge.

    This was my best and my favourite VCR of all time., I still have the VHS deck its still working as good as new. Shame I didn’t keep the wired remote as the dog chewed it up, never mind.

    The second VHS deck was my all time favourite, it was the Ferguson 3V32 with Long play. It was brilliant as I could record 8 hours worth of TV programmes on one 4 hour tape. As a kid I was the only one who understood timer programming lol. My mum and dad didn’t have a clue no matter how many times I showed them it didn’t sink in so I was the master of video timer recording.

    The 3V32 had the best pause/freeze frame, shame I didn’t keep this, I sold it to my friend. The rest of the VHS decks were seen at my school they also rented television and video from Radio Rentals. Instead of the BAIRD logo it had R. R. C stands for Radio Rentals Contracts.


  2. Hi Frank from MultiBroadcast,

    The first VHS I saw was the 8900 top loader, on this I gained my advance grade. Age 22 I went on a two week course in Richmond Surrey and was taught by a JVC engineer sent over from Japan. Then the exam on the VCR to gain the advance tech status.

    MultiBroadcast had an engineer grading system starting at trainee then TV3, TV2 then at that time TV1 was the top grade. However when the JVC VCR came along, the new ADV Tech grade came in.

    Any members from Radio Rentals etc here? Did they have any sort of grading system? It would be interesting to know.

    Regards from Frank


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