1980 Ferguson 3852

Thorn 1615B Chassis

Model: Ferguson 3852


System:625 Line

Original List Price : £000.00 ( to be ascertained)

Valves: None

Transistors: Yes

Intergrated Circuits:

CRT: 24″ TMT61-101


I was warned when I collected this TV that CRT  was low,  I decided to get the CRT tester out to have a look. The B&K 467 was pressed into service, adapter 6 was used and immediately I could see the tube was indeed low (in the yellow) and what’s more it had a grid to cathode leak/short. I used the remove shorts function and that cleared that fault. Next was a clean and balance, this again had spectacular results and now I have good emission.

Switched the set on after years of dormancy, tuned into the workshop test signal, adjusted brightness and contrast.


3 thoughts on “1980 Ferguson 3852

  1. Rediffusion had a number of these out on rent, not a bad set at all. I remember the CRT in most of them were made in Poland by Unitra, Quite rough phosphor coating with a slight green tinge, Malc.

  2. My neighbour had one of these – working for much of the 1980s. Eventually it was handed to me as a “get it working or scrap it” present. Unfortunately I never did manage to correct the line collapse it had.

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