A Brief History of Analogue TV Milestones In The UK

Did You Know?

  • TV started in the UK in 1936 with the 405 line system being adopted.
  • Suspended at the start of WWII.
  • Restarted in 1946.
  • ITA(ITV) independant channel launched in 1955.
  • 625 line service started in 1964 (BBC2) giving the UK three channels
  • UK Colour TV service started in 1967.
  • Ceefax (teletext) service launched on BBC1 & BBC2 in 1974.
  • Channel 4 Lauched in 1982.
  • 405 Line service closes in 1985.
  • Channel 5, the last ever analogue channel launched in 1997.
  • 625 analogue service closed 2012.

A Span of 50 years for the 405 system and 45 years for the 625 system, but still alive in the hearts & minds. Also thanks to the Aurora  405 is a reality once again for us restorers.

Bringing the end to all analogue TV services in the UK and a piece of our history to a close

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