A Culinarily Trip .. 1

You might be asking what on earth is this section doing on a vintage radios & television website. Well although those two things are the main subject matter, you might also have noticed I bring you all sorts of 1970’s ephemera. There’s the 70’s Argos catalogues from issue No.1. Also the Green Shield catalogue and others. Then the 70’s commercials section, lets not forget the 70’s nostalgia section, plus there’s many more such articles scattered about. I thought why not for a bit of fun, visit some of the things our mums dished up when we were kids. Anyone remember watching the fearsome Fanny Cradock and poor old Johnnie?

A Culinarily Trip .. 2

My mums favourite was “The Galloping Gourmet”

So here at Radios-TV we have the new section “In The 70’s Kitchen” which will feature nostalgic 70’s culinary delights. Every so often I’ll knock something up that I had as a kid and still enjoy cooking/eating 40 odd years later. I may even attempt some classic meals I didn’t have, but might liked to have tried. In fact you may be surprised nay! shocked! I have an authentic 70’s kitchen, its a bit worn around the edges but aren’t we all. Don’t all run screaming at the sheer horror of it all and the “loud” tiles, and yes all I see are the words OXO too. If you didn’t before you do now.

A Culinarily Trip .. 3

Without further ado, today I cooked up one of my favourites my mum used plonk on the table, sausage casserole. Nothing fancy or grand, cheap which was needed on a housewife’s budget in the 70’s. A hearty plate of nosh for those Autumn/winter evenings, we as kids loved it and still do all these years later.


A Culinarily Trip .. 4

Sausage Casserole
  • 8 Pork Sausages (use your own discretion and preference of porker)
  • 1 Whole Onion
  • 1 Punnet of Mushrooms
  • Half a bag of ‘Charlotte’ Potatoes
  • 2 tins of Baked Beans
  • 1 handful of runner bean
  • 1 cup of garden peas
  • 1 sausage casserole mix
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of English mustard
  1. Chop the Charlotte pots into 1-2cm slices, transfer to a pot and par boil for 10-12 mins.
  2. Fry the sausages until golden brown, approx 8-10 mins on medium heat. Once this is done quarter them.
  3. Chop onion into large slices, chop mushrooms into quarters and fry off in another pan.
  4. Drain and add the par boiled pots to a large casserole dish. Add the chopped sausages, onion and mushrooms.
  5. Now add two tins of beans, the cup of peas and handful of runner beans.
  6. Finally add the casserole mix and teaspoon of mustard and stir carefully.
  7. Gas oven should be pre-heated to gas mark 3.
  8. Transfer dish to oven and cook for 2 hours. Check every 30-40mins and stir

Hope you enjoy and are tempted to have a go. Maybe you’ve just departed to violently retch at the sheer thought of its 70’s naffness! In which case you’re probably in the wrong place and need to go here.

p.s. This section is just a bit of fun, a little light relief from the technical side of life. Any comments, ideas or requests, use the form below. As ever all comments are queued for approval prior to publishing.

Whats Next ?…

we shall have to see, might be another meal or perhaps a cheesecake or prawn cocktail. Maybe a 70’s buffet. Most likely it will be a lovely pie my mum used took dish up and it was a family favourite for years and years.


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4 years ago

My favourite TV cook was Farmhouse Kitchen’s Dorothy Sleightholme – and Grace Mulligan was good too.

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