About Vrat

About Vrat 1

To make your vintage electronics life easier.


Established in 2011, during that time via our membership, we have covered countless vintage items. You will find a vast back catalogue of past restorations. A phenomenal amount of vintage television has been covered, from pre-war 405, to first generation colour and beyond. Our membership consists of many ex television engineers, broadcast engineers, seasoned amateurs and total novices. One of Vrat’s unique selling points is that we foster a relaxed approach, no heavy-handed moderation, in return we trust our members to self moderate and respect each other. This has proved to be a popular approach, the moderation team, only on the odd occasion, having to put a hand to the tiller.

About Vrat 2


In tandem with our sister website, Radios-TV, we further extend what can be offered. Countless Brochures, Trade Tales, Hints & Tips, stock-faults plus an extensive library of technical service data for radio, television, VCR, audio and much more beside.
So if you want quality, technical advice, in a relaxed friendly environment, forget Facebook groups and the toxic platforms that make up social media, where everyone is a so-called ‘expert’. Forums were there before, during, and will be there long after.
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