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I worked for Telefusion (Preston) and one of my calls this Saturday (weekends we covered other peoples patches) was a house in Southport. According to the job sheet it was going to be a replacement slider volume control that was reported as noisy and intermittent on a Decca 80 chassis. I knew it was not going to be a good experience when I arrived at the property to be confronted by an overgrown garden and an old Viva car with long grass around it and a faded “I Love Cats” sticker in its back window.

A 30ish year old lady answered the door and yes the smell hit me straight away! She proceeded to lead me into the front room, there where cats everywhere and cat baskets, many in number with one on top of the aforementioned set. This I removed (with piles of cat hair) and whilst taking the back off the set was as mention on this site else where offered the usual “would you like a cup of tea” which was promptly refused offering the excuse that I had a lot to get on with.

Iron promptly plugged in and control panel removed to gain access to the offending control trying not to react to the awful smell and taste that was getting into my mouth. It seemed an age getting the back fitted and then being shown to the door, trying to hold back my reaction to the offensive aroma and taste, getting a few steps past the back of the Viva before having to lean over and have a good cough hoping not to throw up! Happy Days??

I have many cat experiences mostly with VTR’s but these are all other stories

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