Baird 700 Series Tripler Rebuild

This has to be one of the easiest tripler rebuilds you will ever come up against.


My Baird M702 tripler decided to die, one HV cap had blown itself and two others had developed large cracks. The result was lots of high voltage hissing coming from the X-ray/LOPT tower and a final anode voltage of about 5kV instead of 25kV.

The HV caps are 1000pF 8kV, luckily I had some 1000pF 15kV in stock so set about rebuilding the tripler. At least this one will be much simpler than the BRC 2000 tripler, as this one is not potted.

Simple to get dismantle the tripler box is just a collection of paxolin panels slotted together and held in place by two plastic nut and bolts each end. The internal diode/cap ladder held in place with rubber wire nuts that protrude through the side panels.

Its fiddly trying to hold all the bits together, I had to use a couple of “Third-hands”. I decided to “hot-melt” pot all the little rubber wire-nuts as they were a tad loose on their own due to the rubber having aged, the one that was near the cap blow-up was a bit sorry looking. This additional potting should ensure they don’t work loose and offer extra insulation.

Tripler box was reassembled, it was a tight squeeze as the new caps were physically larger but I had to try solder it all together and still fit the space and mount holes. I replaced some wiring whilst I was at it too. Worked a treat, its not complicated so I will let the photo’s explain.


bdloprebuild1 bdloprebuild2 bdloprebuild3 bdloprebuild4 bdloprebuild5 bdloprebuild7 bdloprebuild6 bdloprebuild8 bdloprebuild9 tripdone1 bdloprebuild10

Below you can see the rebuilt Tripler fitted and running in the Baird, rock steady EHT.


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