B & K CRT Restorer/Analyzer Adapters

Note: Six commonly used adapters are supplied with Models 467, 470, 480 and 490a CRT restorer/Analyzers. Others are optional. Refer to the latest set up chart for your restorer to find the proper adapter to use for any CRT.

Model CR-1 Adapter: Use to test RCA standard 110 degree color types 18VANP22, 19JXP22, 19VBLP22, 19VCWP22 and others. Also RCA 90 deg. Colour types 15VADP22, 17VANP22, 19VDKP22, 19VEQP22 and others.

Model CR-2 Adapter: Tests 70 deg. color types 14BCP22, 17EJP22, others.

Model CR-3 Adapter: Tests RCA button base 90 deg. color, type 470BE22 types 17EZP22, 19GXP22, 23VBSP22, others, and large Triniton.

Model CR-4 Adapter: Tests special 90 deg. and GE standard in-line types 15YP22, 16VBSP22, 16VEMP23, others.

Model CR-5 Adapter: Tests small color Trinitron types 250NB22, 330AB22, 400DNB22, others.

Model CR-6 Adapter: Tests RCA button base 90 deg., standard B&W 11JP4, 15ST4730R, 16XP4, 19GEP4, 19VARP4, 470ARB4, others.

Model CR-7 Adapter: Tests 7-in miniature special B&W types 9AEP4, 12CWP4, 230AB4, others.

Model CR-8 Adapter: Tests 7-in miniature special B&W types 9XP4, 110CB4, 140AKB4, others.

Model CR-9 Adapter: Tests RCA button base special B&W 17DEP4, 19ABP4, 21EAP4, others.

Model CR-10 Adapter: Tests Duo-Decal 70 deg. B&W types 8HP4, 14BAP4, 16RP4, others.

Model CR-11 Adapter: Tests Sylvania shell 70 deg. B&W 12BEP4, 16BCP4, 17BYP4, 23JP4, others.

Model CR-12 Adapter: Tests GE in-line special color types 11SP22, 11WP22, others.

Model CR-13 Adapter: Tests Quintrex Color types 510FLB22, 370BRB22, 420AMB22, others.

Model CR-14 Adapter: Tests Japanese miniature base color types 250XB22, 420UB22, others.

Model CR-15 Adapter: Tests Japanese in-line colort CRT types 9VACP22, 370AUB22, 270BV22, others.

Model CR-16 Adapter: Tests Sylvania and GE 90 deg. in-line 13VAHP22, 17VAQP22, 19VEBP22, others.

Model CR-17 Adapter: Tests new Sony Triniton types 520520HB22, 570AB22, others.

Model CR-18 Adapter: Tests Zenith special in-line types 13VAMP22, 17VDBP22.

Model CR-19 Adapter: Tests 470ADB22, 510EUB22, 560HB22, 670CB22 and similar types.

Model CR-20 Adapter: Tests 19VGZP22, 19VHSP22, 25VETP22, 25VEUP22, 25VEWP22.

Model CR-21 Adapter: Tests European 110 deg. in-line CRTs A56-500X, A66-500Y.

Model CR-22 Adapter: Tests GTE Sylvania 100 deg. color tri-potential. 19VHTP22, 25VEMP22.

Model CR-23 Adapter: Tests RCA 90 deg. Bi-potential in-line 19VHYP22, 19VJKP22. Many video arcade game monitors.

Model CR-24 Adapter: Tests RCA 90/100 deg., German 19VKFP22 and A67700X.

Model CR-25 Adapter: Tests 90 deg. low Bi-potential in-line 13VBEP22,  19VHWP22, 420AGB22, others. Video arcade game monitors.

Model CR-26 Adapter: Tests color in-line types 180RB22, 180YB22, Sears projection.

Model CR-27 Adapter: Tests color inline/delta types 370ELB22, 470HMB22, 670DB22, others.

Model CR-28 Adapter: Tests color in-line types 370ESB22, 420CUB22, 510SJB22, others.

Model CR-29 Adapter: Tests Zenith projection types 6ABP1, 6ABP55, 6ABP56.

Model CR-30 Adapter: Tests color in-line types 470LWB22, 510TXB22, 560MB22,others. Video arcade game monitors.

Model CR-31 Adapter: Tests color in-line types 320CSB22, 370KSB22, 370LGB22, others. Video arcade game monitors with 8 pin tubes.

Model CR-32 Adapter: Tests color in-line types 140BYB22, 150BMB22, 160DB22,others.

Model CR-33 Adapter: Tests color in-line types 150AZB22, 370HAB22,  250AMB22, others.

Model CR-34 Adapter: Tests projection screen unit potential, C5M120P22R,-G,B; EP96X24, EP96X25, EP96X26, others.

Model CR-35 Adapter: Tests color projection and high resolution types 6ST6191, CE781M6P22, EP96X16 X17 X18, C5M10P22, others.

Model CR-36 Adapter: Tests in-line 90 deg. color types 520RB22,  A34JBUOOX,A44JFZOOX,others.

Model CR-37 Adapter: Tests color CRTs (SONY) 710AB22, A67JHG00X,  A67JHG01X.

Model CR-38 Adapter: Tests color CRTs and projection tubes (SONY)  680CB22,A64JKB00X, SD116-B, others.

Model CR-39 Adapter: Tests color projection tubes 180ADB22-B, 180WB22B, EWX8, others.

Model CR-40 Adapter: Tests color CRTs (SONY) 330ADB22, 330WDB22.

Model CR-41 Adapter: Tests color CRTs, color monitor CRTs 220BD22, 320CGB22, 370HYB22,  10ABEB22, M19JJX01X, others.

Model CR-42 Adapter: Tests color in-line types A14JJD30X, A26JAS01X, 290KB22, others.

Model CR-43 Adapter: For use with VT0 725 B22 and VT0729 B22.

Model CR-44 Adapter: For use with 670 CRB22.

Model CR-45 Adapter: For use with A63JBG50X, A63JBG0X, A63JXQ83, A63JXQ85.

Model CR-XA Universal Adapter: For use with any tube. Has mini-grabber clip leads to connect directly to tube pins. You must look in the setup  guide to determine which clips connect to certain pins.

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