Ultra Black & White Hybrid in 1977

I was recently sent some colour brochure examples ( Thanks Mike) for the Ultra range from 1977, Thorn 9000 based sets. However what was interesting is that it also contained examples of their two Black & White offerings for that year. These were the hybrid ( valve & transistor) 1500 chassis based sets, Ultra 6823 & 6844.

This would be the last you would see of valves in Television also the largest B&W set at 24″ for the 6844.


1 thought on “Ultra Black & White Hybrid in 1977

  1. Hi Chris,

    I own a Marconiphone 1500 all valves, dropper and capacitors dated 8th and 12th week 1977. When I told people I owned a 1500 set with mechanical tuner from 1977, I got the impression people thought I was “fibbing” I fixed it in 2006 or 2007 and did the write up on Paul’s forum.

    From my BRC Thorn info they still produced (in small numbers) 1400 chassis sets until late 1975.


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