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Radios-TV website now has “Blog Post Linking” installed.

What this means is when I create a new article the system automatically creates a new forum topic in the designated “Radios-TV Blog” section on the forum. It will also keep the blog post and forum topic initial post in sync should there be further editing of either.

This thread is an example of it working. I created a news post on the website (click the link button which you will see under this threads title to take you to the website page) and it automatically created a thread for it on the forum, in this section.

If I edit the page/post/article on the website, it changes on the forum thread. Likewise edit/post on the forum thread and the website article changes. Bi-directional updating.

So from now on whenever a new article appears on the website a thread will automatically appear in this section and members get a chance to discuss it. Therefore the Radios-TV blog forum section will receive a varied bag of threads but all will be related to the site subject matter. So you can expect to see things appearing in here when I add new website posts, articles, brochures, news items, service articles and of course my TV repair blogs ( if I find my mojo and a way back to the bench).

This I think you will agree is a pretty neat feature, makes Radios-TV forum even more feature rich and fully integrated with the website and its activities.

1 thought on “Blog Linking to Forum

  1. A neat feature.

    I’ve been following this web site and its blogs as a guest for some time now, having the ability to comment on articles and now subsequently have those comments linked into the forum for debate, adds an interesting new dimension.

    Who knows, maybe I’ll join up as a full member.

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