BRC/Thorn ‘Jelly-Pot” LOPT

Identification Of ‘Jelly-Pot’ Line Output Transformers

This data is from 1971, if anyone has futher data they can supply for subesquent LOPTS for 3500, 8000,8000A,8500,8800,9000 etc


Cover Colour
Colour Code
Number Of
Soldered Terminals
950 (15kV) Was Red, then Grey Red 7 Alloy 00D4-013
950 (20kV) * White None 7 Alloy 00D4-043
11″ Version 950 Clear Plastic Blue 7 Alloy 00D4-013/1
950 MKII * White Red 7 Alloy 00D4-062
960 Was Red, then Grey Red 7 Steel 00D4-038
980 Black None 7 None 00D4-031
1400 (20kV & 13kV) White Red 7 None 06D4-002
1500 (20kV) Grey White 7 None 00D4-082
1500 (15kV) Grey Pink 6 None 00D4-088
1580 Grey Blue 6 None 06D4-005/1
2000 (T3 & T4 LTB) White None 8 None 00D4-055
2000 (EHT Generator) White None 3 None 00D4-057
3000 (T503) Grey, was White Black 5 None 00D3-056
3000 (T504) Grey Yellow 9 None 00D3-055

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