TV’s; New additions for 2020

I’ve not added any TV’s to the collection for well over 2 years, on the contrary I’ve reduced the crustytv collection by 20+ TV’s. Due to this space and a new workshop extension being built, I have room for a couple of additions. One of these new additions to the collection being a long and …

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Ferguson Feedback

Thanks to the kindness of Jim, (jcdaze) the technical library has started to be populated with the “Ferguson Feedback” publication. Jim has 40 issues and the first three issues have been scanned and uploaded via the library donation service, the rest will follow in due course. I for one will find these invaluable especially as Thorn …

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The Longest Day; 1970s’ Haul

With the longest day upon us, it reminds me the days now start to grow shorter. Winter projects? Well, maybe that’s a bit pessimistic, we’ve only just started summer and I’m not going to wait that long to get them on the bench. I digress, last week I treated myself to a bit of online …

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Radios-TV on YouTube

In case you’ve not yet found it, the Radios-TV blog and Vrat forum now has a Youtube channel. For many years my blogs and forum threads have always run along the lines of an over the shoulder repair. Documenting each stage with text and photos as an item was brought back to working order. Well …

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Want to Build a Simple Transistor Radio?

Want to Build a Simple Transistor Radio? 30

A few years ago we ran a project on our old forum to build a minimalist valve superhet radio, it proved to be very popular. Now in 2018 one of our experienced ex trade engineers will be running a new project, one to encourage young, old and all in the middle. The project this time …

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Rediffusion Magazines Coming to the Library

Rediffusion Magazines Coming to the Library 31

Coming soon to the members library, a selection of Rediffusion company magazines. Covering the period of 1976 to 1984. These appear to have been produced three times a year in Jan, May and September. Lots of interesting facts, technical articles, sets, site articles with many excellent factory and workshop photos. Many profiles and interviews with …

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Vintage Electronics Tip Data

Vintage Electronics Tip Data 33

The Faults knowledge base was a new service that launched mid September. The aim? To capture and catalogue as many real world service hints and tips as possible, across many different products. From televisions to radios, amplifiers to turntables and more. This is to compliment the existing trade “Stock Faults”  articles that can already …

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Blog Linking to Forum

Blog Linking to Forum 34

Radios-TV website now has “Blog Post Linking” installed. What this means is when I create a new article the system automatically creates a new forum topic in the designated “Radios-TV Blog” section on the forum. It will also keep the blog post and forum topic initial post in sync should there be further editing of …

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Social Feeds

Social Feeds 35

I draw the line at Facebook, never shall I venture there, however in an attempt to drag us into the 21st Century Radios-TV is now on Twitter, Pinterest & Youtube. To what extent they get used remains to be seen. links to these are above and at the foot of the page