Rediffusion Magazines Coming to the Library

Coming soon to the members library, a selection of Rediffusion company magazines. Covering the period of 1976 to 1984. These appear to have been produced three times a year in Jan, May and September. Lots of interesting facts, technical articles, sets, site articles with many excellent factory and workshop photos. Many profiles and interviews with …

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Vintage Electronics Tip Data

The Faults knowledge base was a new service that launched mid September. Faults Knowledge Base The aim? To capture and catalogue as many real world service hints and tips as possible, across many different products. From televisions to radios, amplifiers to turntables and more. This is to compliment the existing trade “Stock Faults”  articles that …

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Website and Forum Get A Makeover and Vrat 2.0

The web site has recently undergone a complete style makeover, I’ve also designed a new website banner, all this to reflect the enhanced site content coverage, that being all vintage home entertainment equipment. The menu system has equally undergone a refresh & reorganisation with fresh content added. You’ll notice a new sub main menu under …

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