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Hi-Fi My Pioneer PL12D Turntable

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This was originally my Mother's which she gave to me in the 90s when she stopped listening to vinyl, a 1976 Pioneer PL12D. It's had incredibly little work done to it since 1976! In that time it's had two replacement belts and three replacement stylus (the current stylus has less than 50 hours on it) as well as routine oiling.

I love the sound of original Shure M75ED Type 2 cartridge too. I've not found another cartridge that sounds as good at this. I listen to a lot of electronic music from Castles In Space and it sounds like it was made for these.

Also, whenever I'm setting the tonearm weight and testing etc it's become traditional to listen to the Charity shop's finest Harry Secombe's Bless This House (as seen on TV!)

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Topic starter Posted : 05/12/2021 10:15 pm
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I've got one as well, when my Dad bought a new stereo in 1988 he let me & my brother have his old one.

This spend a few years in the spare room before being moved into my room when I started collecting vinyl.

In the late 1990s I fitted a new cartridge as the stylus was worn out, but a replacement was less than a whole new cartridge & stylus!  I still have the old cartridge around.

Posted : 05/12/2021 11:04 pm
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I had one in the 70s, it was a lovely deck until a burglary depleted my audio and TV to zero;(

The PL12D and some other kit replaced my Thorens TD135, Lowther Acoustica speakers and Lowther amplifier sold (for about £100) towards a car upgrade - cars seemed to impress girls far more than hi-fi.

Sorry for the drift off-topic.


Posted : 06/12/2021 9:10 pm
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I noticed your cartridge.

I have the same one in my Philips 308. I guess it must now be nearly as old as the turntable which I bought in 1972.

Still sounds good.




Posted : 23/02/2022 9:21 pm
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