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New stylus......a transformation.  

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Since the mid 1990's I have had a Marantz TT275 direct drive turntable. It hasn't really had a lot of use despite my large collection of vinyls. Recently I've been going through all of the vinyls to see what is worth keeping and what isn't....simply because I don't have room to keep them all. Most are in excellent condition but I noticed that many had a degree of sibilance....I put it down to the cartridge since I've experienced this before. Most of the records sounded very good. However I thought about how long I had had the deck and decided to order a new stylus. It arrived today so I fitted it and tried a few of the problem records. They are no longer a problem! The quality has been transformed and sibilance is a thing of the past. Oddly though the records that sounded OK with the old stylus don't really sound any different. I get the impression that the records that had a sibilance problem are slightly louder than the ones that didn't. Maybe the new stylus 'sits' in the groove better. Whatever the cause, it now sounds great.

Stylus was bought from The Stylus Store via eBay.

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Posted : 04/04/2020 5:54 pm