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A Premier Radio TV Kit using a VCR97

Brian Cuff
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As mentioned in another post, I have got hold of a Premier TV kit at an auction. Although the pictures don't show it, it comes with a semi-console plywood cabinet and, at last, a rubber mask for a 6" CRT. I bought the constructional booklet some years ago on ebay and just waited for one to come along - and sure enough it did!

My plan is to do as little as possible to this set in order to get it going as it's not worth the effort of a full restoration and it will be an example of the workmanship contemporary with the sale of the kit which was announced in 1948. This statement raises an interesting question: Have I got my logic wrong and it's the pre-war TVs that should be left alone? Answers on a £50 note please.

From the circuit, it looks as though it uses many of the features that the other kits use, EF50s for RF and SP61s for scans etc. with even circuit details being the same. Still, an interesting project for the future. A picture of the cabinet will follow.

Premier-Kit-upper-rear-web.jpg           Premier-Kit-lower-rear-web.jpg

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Topic starter Posted : 22/12/2016 10:33 pm
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FWIW, I'm inclined to agree that this little set should be left alone as much as is practicable, because their survival rate - in anything approaching a completed state, anyway - is much lower than some pre-war TVs; take the common-as-muck HMV 900, for example!

Just get rid of that nasty bit of PVC twin mains (assuming it is the mains lead, of course) and fit something a little more contemporary; I'm sure somewhere there's some oval red and black twin on a radio that hasn't gone brittle that would do.

Posted : 23/12/2016 12:10 am