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B&W TV Bought another telly, GEC BT5145

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      Brilliant......!      Just goes to show that determination and patience can pay off!    



Posted : 06/05/2022 6:56 am
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Killed it 🙁

thought I’d have a quick play this morning before leaving for RetroTech, as I was in the middle of swapping a cap last night, so with said cap changed, I powered on, waited, and no picture came up, looking at the tube you could see the cathode connection had come off again, so I gave it a little rattle with the screwdriver again, no where near as hard as last time, and then suddenly there was a screech from the line stage, and some pretty neon lights, both orange and blue in the CRT… yup, the neck cracked! 😢 

C46180A9 45F8 4386 BA55 63E7B9922D51

So that’s the end of that, and it’s the first tube I’ve ever killed too! Luckily I’d taken a photo last night of where it was up to, it was looking quite good, bit of a line linearity problem, which is what I was trying to sort out before the tube went again.


I’ll have a dig around RetroTech and see if a tube turns up, most likely in a set which will probably be in better shape than this one!



Topic starter Posted : 08/05/2022 7:34 am
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