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Common TV sets in the Channel Islands in early 1976?

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I have wondered for a while what kinds of TV set were in common use in the Channel Islands in the early part of 1976. At that time, the available services in most areas were BBC1 and CTV only, both on 405 lines. Alderney was a little more problematic but some there could get Southern TV.

I am guessing that some of the more reliable 405 line only sets, or perhaps dual standard sets, would have been in common use and that the local rental company would have continued to look after them, as well as some viewers owning such sets and there being people around to maintain them.

This was the last whole region to get 625 line services, though of course there remained places around Britain that had no 625 line reception.

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I'm not sure if this true but I was told that a French TV manufacturer made a special dual standard receiver that would operate on the 819 and 405 line standards.

Such a receiver might have been sold in the Channel Islands.

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