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Ferguson 988T Southern find comes North

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Hi all,

An evenings eBay searching turned up this little Ferguson 988T unfortunately it was too far away for me to collect, however a chance transport request on our great forum resulted in Tony (Boingy) not only collecting the set for me but also bringing it half way up country to Steve's (Colourstar) residence where food and telly fun was on offer for the afternoon, great stuff (cheers Tony you're a star and thanks Steve for your hospitality, top man !).

So to the set itself, not bad at first view. The cabinet has a few scrapes and scratches but nothing serious to sort out however one side of the wooden foot that runs across the front underside has provided much nutrition to our worst enemy 'the dreaded worm' But the good news is there is absolutely no sign of worm anywhere else. I will cut a new piece of wood to the correct profile and replace the said wormy foot.

Inside the set I noticed the wooden mount for the audio output TX has come adrift, easy fix with a drop of glue and a clamp. Otherwise all looks good and original with just a thick coat of dust and fluff to get rid of.

But the highlight of the initial tour of the Fergy was spotting the 're-gunned' CRT which happily sent the B&K CRT tester needle way up into the green, perfect !

It will be a while before I get round to sorting the Fergy properly but here's a few photos for now.

DSCF4545 (Medium)
DSCF4547 (Medium)
DSCF4549 (Medium)
DSCF4551 (Medium)
DSCF4550 (Medium)
DSCF4552 (Medium)
DSCF4553 (Medium)
IMG 20180616 160126 (Medium)

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Posted : 20/06/2018 10:58 am
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Hi Marc,

excellent we need folk to keep the B&W TV section going so look forward to reading about the repair. Any idea when your workshop will be back in action? Its been months since all the landlord work commenced, what on earth are they doing to cause so much disruption? 

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Posted : 20/06/2018 1:04 pm
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Hi Chris,

Thankfully the works by the landlord are now all finished but it's left every thing out of place in every room and also some decorating needed. My workshop is more a warehouse at the moment but things are getting back to normal slowly although the workshop is likely to be the last to get back, hopefully within the next few weeks.

The reason every thing has taken so long is that the landlords do many houses at the same time rather than 'in one and complete' so electricians do the first fix to 20+ houses which takes them a couple of weeks to complete then the plumbers do the same, then the chippies, plasterers etc etc....and so it drags on and on.

All we've ended up with is a replacement kitchen with a partial rewire and a new central heating system. I could have done the lot myself within a fortnight ! Believe me by the time we had got rid of all the drips and drabs of works teams we really didn't fancy doing anything to put the house back right, we had just had enough of it all !

Anyway that's all gone now thank goodness.

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Posted : 20/06/2018 1:29 pm
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Hi Marc, good to see you have a nice set to help you forget about all the works in the house.

Looking forward to see how it go's . ? 

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Posted : 20/06/2018 5:00 pm