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First posting: Pye BV30. Bargain!

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Hi All I only found this forum last week and I have spent many hours reading many interesting posts (mainly tv). Everyone here seems a very friendly bunch from what I have read and the Pye postings have encoraged me to get on with this set, a recent e-bay purchase, well.... bargain!
I spotted it one evening as buy it now £35.00, the seller was not far away for a change so I bought it on the spot, I collected the set the following day and was suprised just how small it was.
My initial plan was to store it for a while and then choose my moment before sneaking it into the house my other half has no problem with my ever increasing collection but I do get slight pangs of guilt sometimes!
However it was small enough to fit on the shelf in the hall, so I bit the bullet, moved a radio and hid it in the hall...
The set kept looking at me though.... then I read the Pye tv threads I have polished the case up (a bit) and ordered some caps!
I will try to upload some pictures after dinner!
Any advice, encoragement,comments, (nice one's!) greatly appreciated.

Topic starter Posted : 22/07/2012 9:43 pm
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Hi Rich,

There certainly is a wealth of TV Threads to call upon within the forum and of course access to many ex TV service engineers but I guess you know that already.

You should have fun with the PYE a nice little TRF similar to the LV20 but EF80's instead of EF50's and no nasty sliders, also an MW22-16 CRT with ION trap so no nasty ION burn like the MW22-14 in the LV20. PYE did seem to have naff droppers my LV20 suffered the same fate as yours. I suppose to be fair they were not meant to be stored in sheds and they certainly never expected a set designed in 1950 to be powered up in 2012 and expected to work.

Amazingly though these guys knew how to build stuff unlike now. So once you've done some basic safety checks, got the heater chain working and the power supply. Check the condition of C65/C66 60uF+100uF snip C67 and bring it up on a variac if you have one.You will be amazed how these sets give you something on screen to work with. Do you have a 405 source? not to worry if not aim for a full raster. You can always use a sig gen it will at least give you some bars, but ensure you have an isolating TX if you do or a battery sig gen no lifting earth's. If any of this is egg sucking please accept my humble apology.

I don't know what your level of experience is with TV's but if you are new to them, perhaps a read of a new starter guide I wrote for the main website

If you need service data just ask and It will be made available to you FOC as is VRAT policy. I have PYE original service data, Trader & R&TS

It looks to have been stored in damp conditions by the level of rust on the chassis but don't let that put you off, but be prepared for the LOPT to have suffered moisture ingress. My Pye V4 looked hideous it duffed me up but the battle was won in the end and provided the baptism of fire ( well not literally) I needed. Likewise fingers crossed for the MW22-16 having good emission and no shorts, I have one in a TV22 which has a partial Heater cathode short, a dedicated CRT TX sorted that one. All these can be sorted too but lets not assume worst cases and wait and see.

As you may or may not know chase first light and take it from there. Have you checked the CRT for heater continuity?

Anyway looking forward to your progress


Posted : 22/07/2012 10:24 pm