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B&W TV I pulled my EKCO TX275 out of the garage and it still works!

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This mostly original and unrestored little telly was not working when I got it about 20 years back. Someone had replaced every part but for one cap in the vertical without success.

Yes you guessed it!

Anyway, after many years sitting on a succession of shelves I thought I'd see if it still works.

TX275 as from garage
TX275 after setup
LOPT side view
CRT Label
TX275 rear view

I had thought the (original) Mazda CRT was a non-aluminized one but it's not. So you can't see the picture through the back of the CRT. It's not very bright but resolution is OK.

This TV was fitted very early in its life with one of the replacement LOPTs made by Ferris in Brookvale. Like all EKCOs of that vintage the plastic frame of the original one just crumbled away.

It needs some attention to its pots (wrong one fitted to the combined volume and brightness control) and those brown molded Hunts paper caps replaced.

Posted : 11/05/2024 10:53 am
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Hi Ian, that looks in remarkable condition, I hadn't realised the TMB 272 (as it's known over here) was also an export version.

As for the EKCO lopts, I had a couple of examples a good few years ago that, clearly showed the stark contrast between the early and later versions.

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The early ones I believe were celluloid based and after a few decades morphed into something quite disturbing to behold. Despite appearances, the windings were perfectly fine

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Many Vratters such as @lloyd who comes to mind, removied them and built their own housing.

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Posted : 11/05/2024 12:48 pm
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I carried those LOPTX on the van in the 1960’s, simple replacement in the field. The windings were usually ok but it would have cost more in time to replace the housing than the complete transformer. Occasionally the heater winding would break down and if the case was ok I would replace the winding. Can’t remember replacing the transformer more than once, presume they had sorted out the material by then.


Posted : 11/05/2024 3:54 pm
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@irob2345 looks good!  My Dynatron is suffering from the Ekco LOPT plastic problem, it still works just looks nasty! On day I'll get 'round to it! 

Posted : 11/05/2024 4:04 pm
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Posted by: @crustytv

Many Vratters such as @lloyd who comes to mind, removied them and built their own housing.

Ah, yes I remember making that one! Good fun that was. I haven’t fired up that set for some time, probably about time I did.

I have the Ekco TMB-272, which is still working very well since it’s restoration, apart from the volume control which needs attention again, that’s just given me another thing to look for tomorrow at RetroTech! Your little Ekco is looking rather good! Am I right in thinking the TX-275 is a 625 line set?



Posted : 11/05/2024 4:56 pm
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Yes Lloyd, look on the back. "System: C.C.I.R."

These are not extremely rare. AEI (the Ekco makers in Oz) must have got a tariff exemption for them because they were able to run on 12 volts.

I suspect many were used during the rollout of TV here to check field strengths and ghosting.

The replacement transformers made by Ferris were of very high quality, windings thoroughly impregnated etc. Ferris used to make car radios and they also made TVs for a short time.

Posted : 11/05/2024 11:04 pm
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@crustytv The 17" Ekco set with FM I owned (for which I was supplied with a good CRT but later chose to sell complete) had a LOPT which mercifully, looked like the one on the right. I'd like to think its new owner will restore it: the centre of the channel selector was moulded Perspex and lit up when the set was switched to FM - it was the tuner for FM.

Posted : 12/05/2024 10:53 am
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Ferris Factory Pittwater Rd Brookvale

Ferris factory, Brookvale

Posted : 14/05/2024 9:07 am
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Ekco factory, Yennora (western Sydney)

Ekco Yennora Sydney 1956
Posted : 14/05/2024 9:24 am
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I have the schematics for an Ekco TX276, no idea what the circuit differences are between that and the TX275 but i suspect only the tuners ?

Both are described as portable.

Posted : 18/05/2024 12:52 pm