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B&W TV Latest restoration finished pictures

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Bet you haven't seen one of these before!

I got this "desirable" TV, an AWA P4, as a very dirty basket case.

I had to adapt a different line transformer to it.

It had a LOT of faults, but the 7 valves and the CRT were all good.

It's a "Tribrid" design from 1967. It has that tuner I just posted about.

Anyway, some pics:

Finished 3
Finished 2
Finished 1
Picture after Fine Tuning coupler fix
Posted : 07/04/2024 10:20 am
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@irob2345 Looks good! It has a styling that makes it look more recent than the '60's it would have still looked modern in the '70s' 7 valves in a small plastic cabinet, does it get warm?

Posted : 07/04/2024 2:16 pm
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Wow, very stylish. I would never have guessed that was from the 60s.


Posted : 07/04/2024 6:51 pm
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Well this TV in very sorry state cost me $80.

I really wanted an orange one! A friend has one, although he is currently giving away much of his collection, he won't part with the Orange P4!

It's a 17" telly so the cabinet is not that small and is well ventilated. No mains dropper resistor!! It runs 200V HT from a small C core mains transformer and voltage doubler (being an Oz TV it is not live chassis) so everything is under-run to keep the heat down. The line output (6CM5 / EL36) and damper (6AX4) are mounted near the top of the cabinet with a metal heat shield above them.

Yes it was very avant-garde for '67, probably too much so for many buyers at the time. It sold reasonably well but I don't think it was the huge success AWA were hoping for. Certainly not in the league of the Pye Pedigree.

It would have been a labour-intensive build, despite the PCB, so I doubt AWA ever made much money out of them.

Since it is an AWA and consequently its electronic design has some RCA brushstrokes, I posted the full blow-by-blow of the restoration on the US site, with pics and circuits.


Posted : 08/04/2024 8:06 am
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Posted : 08/04/2024 9:33 am