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Oh, Err--I broke me telly! Or--It came off in me hand....  

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Telling this tale--so it doesnt happen to anyone else.....

My own stupidity really.

Ive been working on my CVC2 into which I recently put a replacement CRT.--That went well, set up and looking good. As with all these older sets--there's little niggles and quirks that need doing, odd things like a predominance of green from the CDA--not hugely bad, but needs investigating, and the oddball fault of the focus varying from cold to hot running...

While working on the focus issue--replacing the resistors top and bottom of the 'Metrosyl' device from final-anode voltage to chassis, I wanted to turn set around to do summit or other...

So I grabbed it--and pulled the top completely off the cabinet.... :aak

Thankfully, it was a perfectly clean break along the seams--the 47 year old glue having failed at the joints. Set is now back in one piece, sticking with some good wood-glue, and a couple of N1500 for weights on the top while it sets....

Moral of the tale--Dont go grabbing what LOOKS to be solid--It may well not be, we may forget sometimes, the adhesives in our sets is as old as they are, and degrades--just like everything else!

Irritating thing is--Focus fault is still there, so guessing that Metrosyl device is dodgy--Dunno what to do about that!

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Hi Alastair,

Oops ! but it sounds like you were let off lightly there.
If I remember correctly I'm sure I read somewhere that Baird issued a warning with their console sets, M748 etc, not to grab or lift using their overhanging cabinet lids :aaq if you do I bet there's a fair chance you might end up with more ventilation than the set needs ! :ccf


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Posted : 02/10/2015 9:32 pm
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It's an overlooked issue, recently the glue failed an a panel inside a B & W Baird set of mine, had to take it out and reglue it. Potentially quite serious as it was the panel that not only accepted the aerial connectors (hence lots of pulling in and out) but also the mains plug, and the whole panel just fell out into the set!

Posted : 02/10/2015 9:35 pm
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Been there, done that - in my case, the control panel of a Bush RG3 :ccg

Posted : 02/10/2015 9:38 pm
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I have had the same problem with a couple of mid 60's sets, one, a KB VC2 was almost a flat pack cabinet! The top and sides were both completely loose. the front was only hanging on to the base by the skin of it's teeth.
The set had been stored for decades in a loft. I assumed it was years of heat cycles that had dried out the glue. The chassis was covered in the little wooden blocks that are used for bracing, they had nearly all dropped off.
Plastic sets should also be treated with caution, some of the plastic Thorn used seems to get brittle with age. I wouldn't trust the handle on a 1400 transportable!

Posted : 03/10/2015 11:22 am
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In the 60s a lot of mainly Bush 50s consoles - some still Band I only! - were taken in Part Exchange.

The finish on most of these cabinets was still, in most cases, in excellent condition and the side panels, in particular, were very useful for various projects.

The trouble was removing all the screws securing the glue blocks - Bush cabinet makers backed it both ways! - took for ever ...

... until someone told us what the easy option was.

Simple! Take the empty cabinet out to the back yard, lift up and hurl with maximum force at the ground - aiming for the point of contact to be on a corner.

Collect individual sheets of veneered plywood and sweep up loose glue blocks!

When all else fails, read the instructions

Posted : 03/10/2015 11:39 am
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I remember--Years ago, in my second job, two of us carrying a Philips G9 26" set out to the W/S. The guy carrying it with me tripped and fell backwards, as he did so, he threw his hands upwards and made the set go up over my head and hit the deck squarely upside-down on the floor behind me....

It was quite amazing--there was zero damage, and the fault the set came in for--nowhere to be seen! :thumb

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Ah, "percussive maintenance". 10% of the charge being for hitting it, the remaining 90% for knowing where to hit it and how hard.

Which leads to the tale from the Herald Diary of the pub telly which suffered from an intermittent sound fault which was remedied by the barmaid thumping it. One evening she came into the bar and noticing the fault appeared to have occurred during the football proceeded to administer the usual battering, until one of the customers complained that she was disrupting the one minutes silence for a player who had recently died.

Posted : 03/10/2015 4:59 pm
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Hi, folks, RR here again. You're not the only ones who's broke their telly. Has anybody here ever recently accidently written off a pristine rebuilt tube with a brand new gun which had only ever had a few minutes use? That's exactly what happened to me just recently with a little Philips T-Vette which I bought from a local S/H shop back in 1983. It's mains TX was knackered so I fitted a spare I had, and this got it going but needless to say the tube emission was way down so I got it rebuilt back then and then it worked fine and then I stuck it up in my attic where it still is and recently I got it out to try it and it had a sync fault which was easily fixable, only two resistors, but I had to unplug the tube base to get the board out and when I put the base socket back on one of the pins somehow missed it's hole in the socket and got bent and cracked the glass. I'd better not say what I feel like saying about it. I'm now trying to get paypal and ebay accounts set up so I can find a possible replacement, I know there are some out there in other sets from the same era and shortly after and the single standard ones usually go dirt cheap but finding one with a good tube is unlikely. RR.

Posted : 03/10/2015 6:48 pm
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You not the only one to break a CRT, but at least when I did--they were easy to buy and replace....

I did it as a trainee on a Bush Ranger portable--You know, those horrible white plastic things--Never liked 'em and hated 'em even worse after this!

Hinged down chassis--but forgot to pull tube-base....Broke the tit clean off and had the depressing Hiss....

Boss made me pay for a new CRT for it.... :aai

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Broke the tit clean off and had the depressing Hiss....

Alastair! :ccg really.... :aak

I must have told this one a thousand times, but during a re-fettle of a D/S G6, I was trying for perfection (unwisely) and was in the process of tweaking those two little presets for the monochrome white balance - you know, those ones that were switched by the relay?

Could I eckerslyke get it set up right, and I reckon I must have just leant a little too heavily on my adjusting tool (small screwdriver) - anyway, a sort of half ping, half crack, and the picture rapidly faded from the mirror, and the most magnificent Aurora Borealis appeared inside the tube neck.. My Granddad was not impressed! It was a regunned tube, and it fractured, a perfect straight line around the glass.. Not my most outstanding accomplishment.

It was probably a faulty (re)manufacture, but since we'd harvested that CRT from a scrap set, there was no redress.


Posted : 03/10/2015 8:12 pm
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--Now come out all the secrets....

I once replaced an A56-120X in a 'Siemens' set. A week later, owner calls me back, no picture, just a loud buzzing....

It Appeared--I had tightened the deflection-yoke screw too tight, because at that point the tube had very cleanly broken--a perfect line all the way round, and the gun assembly could be drawn out....
No probs at the time, Had loads of those CRT's round, bunged another one in! Happy customer.... ttt:

I'm probably guilty of may other blunders, but not done the two above ever again! :thumb

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"and a couple of N1500 for weights"


I daresay they would be perfect for such a use..

Posted : 03/10/2015 10:47 pm
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Hi. all, RR here again. I did that once about 30-odd years ago, over tightened a scancoil or convergence coil clamp and lost a perfectly good delta tube. I still lived with my parents then and I had use of a spare bedroom for a workshop but it wasn't heated and the temperature used to plummet in the winter so I came to the conclusion that the clamp must've shrunk slightly and cracked the neck. It was ok when I left it. So I had to scour the local skips for another tube... Also this reminds me of something rather odd that used to happen in that room, any low emission tubes I had used to somehow come right back to life like new if I left them in a certain corner of the room, but didn't last that long once I tried using them again, can anyone explain that? it only happened in that corner when the tubes were left on the floor, but nowhere else. RR.

Posted : 03/10/2015 11:11 pm