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Brian Cuff: The "Pre-War" TV Master; Memorial Archive

I think without exception, we all deeply miss Brian's presence, his attention to detail on his beloved pre-war TV's was an inspiration to us all. Then there was his generosity towards others with advice, encouragement and most of all his friendship, be it physical or virtual as displayed within this forum. Brian also belonged to that ever diminishing group of folk who could be called, 'true gentlemen' and will always be remembered here with great fondness. Brian produced some of his finest pre and post war television restoration work at VRAT and I know how much he liked sharing it with us all, therefore its only fitting to gather most of it in one place for all to enjoy. You will also find contributions by Brian across many other threads throughout the forum. This section however is dedicated to the memory of Brian Cuff and his pre-war televisions. Although Brian has left this world for the next great adventure, his work, his knowledge and his words remain and live on in all his posts across these many pages. Therefore he will continue to inform, entertain and educate us for as long as there are those who are interested to follow in his footsteps. Admin: Radios-TV/ Vrat
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