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Period Television Material

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More vintage footage to display on older televisions.


Topic starter Posted : 24/11/2018 10:51 am
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There's a couple of good channels on Roku worth looking at - Retro Tech and The B&W Channel. The Retro Tech Channel runs old films from a variety of military and civilian sources, mostly in 4:3 mono. Occasionally some old TV tech too. The B&W channel does what its name suggests, playing a variety of old mono TV shows. I get nice chrominance-interference-free pics on the BM7502 on these channels. Some of the audio is a bit scratchy and hummy with 120hz hum giving even more nostalgic feel to some of the footage.

Apart from that there's lots of old archive coming available on youtube, with old episodes of Trumpton, Fireball XL5 and I think I've even come across "Torchy The Battery Boy" - great if you want to relive your childhood with a vintage telly. I suppose with 405 line whistle the effect is complete. I think that the National Media Museum has a growing archive of old BBC and ITA tapes that it is restoring and converting to instant-access digital. Although much was wiped in the earlier days, its nice to know that there is still vintage material out there. The problem with the older material is keeping the old VTR machines operational, and some of the old tapes have started to fragment, too. There's a chemical in old tape that eats away at the celluloid, so the race is on to try and recover as much of the old archive as possible before the tape actually eats itself (rather like a slo-mo version of the "Mission:Impossible" reel to reels, "This Tape will self destruct in 50 years!" It must be really interesting to be an archivist in television - working with large and ancient machinery!

Posted : 25/11/2018 1:00 am
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Talking Pictures on Freeview channel 81 has a lot of old films showing.

When my Dad has a slow afternoon, he'll turn to this channel to see if there is something good on, & often there is.

Posted : 25/11/2018 11:16 am
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I like the Talking pictures channel, I record the films, they are never transmitted when I am free to watch. I like the shorts they transmit as well, Glimpses of another time. My problem is I tend to record more than I could possibly watch.


Posted : 25/11/2018 11:39 am