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B&W TV PYE Model 24

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Came across this photo today of a B&W D/S PYE. No mention of it on any of the UK forums, nor the radiomuseum which I find curious. Just a very brief wiki stating 1965.

As @the_teleman is the forum PYE guru his collection of PYE's vast, which I have seen, but I don't recall seeing a Model 24 BICBW.

Anyone else ever seen one, or have one in their collection. It looks a rather swish set, with wood cabinet, that white facia complemented by the black control & speaker panels, and chrome front feet.


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Posted : 19/08/2023 8:45 pm
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Never seen one and I found the Wiki article you mentioned. The Pye 15u uses a similar control panel layout as the Model 24, I would presume it used a version of the 11u chassis. 1965 was a change over from the valve to the Hybrid but I would have expected it to have either 6 push buttons or a single rotary tuner as fitted to hybrid sets if it used the hybrid 40f chassis. For what it’s worth the knobs on the tuners look very similar to Ferranti ones  used on the 11u chassis.

So the 24 was a Robin Day design, nice.

IMG 2676



Posted : 19/08/2023 9:24 pm
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I have never seen this model but I agree with Frank it is an 11U chassis. The UHF tuner is the early valve type with the numbered wheel that is visible through the oblong window in the front. It used a drive cord arrangement that even Philips would have thought complex! My Invicta 7070U (11U) has exactly the same tuner with the 'window'.

  Pye did seem to produce some stylish models with the 11U chassis one model used a plastic cabinet that slid off for servicing, unfortunately it sagged with the heat from the set!

I have another Invicta (that has the same UHF window but no tuner fitted) in my collection which is very stylish - some would say is a little gaudy, it was made for a rental firm called Goddard's and was named "The Gay Cavalier" I would post a picture but it is under my bench with others behind it so not easy to access. 

Posted : 19/08/2023 10:42 pm
Till Eulenspiegel
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Never seen a Pye model 24, makes one wonder if the company actually made and sold any.

Gibbard's TV Rental was a subsidiary  of Pye Ltd. I do remember there was a shop in Newcastle.  I believe the TV rental firm got into financial troubles which did damage to the parent company.

Gibbards TV appears in among a list of Pye Group companies.

The Pye Museum - Pye Ltd Radio & Television Company Profile

Pye was was quick off the mark with colour TV development in 1953.  In 1956 the UK's first all transistor radio set, the Pam 710.                                             The Pye TT1 transistor TV set announced in 1960, a big 14" CRT model.

Till Eulenspiegel.

Posted : 20/08/2023 11:38 am
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As an avid pye tv collector this is one set I’ve never come across , it really makes me wonder if it was ever produced , I’ve seen lots of pictures of this set but never come across one in the flesh 

as previously mentioned the set uses the famous pye TV11u chassis apart from that there’s very little to mention about the set , if anyone knows if this set was ever produced please let us know 


Posted : 22/08/2023 9:51 am
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I’ve just had a search through some sales booklets for the pye 24uf was indeed for sale , according to the sales book it was for sale about the same time as the 31f and 40f these being new models so that would be around 1965 

I can only assume that these would of been older models by this time as there were another 5 models using the same 11u chassis as can be seen from the pictures

the price for the 24/uf was 76gns plus 4 gns for the stand .

IMG 3051


Posted : 22/08/2023 11:12 am
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