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Sanyo Cadnica 5-TC1 old portable tv

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I'm looking for a telly to restore, rather than merely convert, and this little set has took my attention.

sanyo cadnica 5 TC1

The set is cosmetically tatty, and is being offered for the princely sum of a fiver plus post and packing. It looks rather like the sort of thing you might have seen in a lorry cab alongside the CB radio, However it does look complete. Any takers on what year the set might have been made. One good thing is that Sanyo stuff is generally well designed, well built and reasonably reliable. My intention would be to do a Shango-style resurrection on the set, then to fix it cosmetically. Monitorisation may be possible, but initially I will feed it with modulated analogue signals via my modulator. The potential problems could be if the set has been exposed to damp or it has a dead LOPT. The CRT may be duff; but I'm sure that I could find a similar one if necessary. Has anyone seen or worked on one of these? The model "Cadnica" would indicate "rechargeable", a play on the words Nickel Cadmium?

Topic starter Posted : 25/10/2018 4:59 pm
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If it's UHF 625 only then the early 1970's.


Posted : 25/10/2018 5:10 pm
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The service data for the 1975 Sanyo 5-TC1 is in the data library.

Posted : 25/10/2018 5:23 pm
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"Cadnica" was the branding Sanyo used for their nicad batteries.... Sanyo Cadnica was also the name of a race horse 🙂

Posted : 25/10/2018 11:01 pm