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What Chassis ?

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After reading Rich's Pye 11U thread, I thought I would ask what Philips chassis this Stella set uses ?, and about which dates it was current?

We had a similar one of these on rental complete with spindly legs and magazine type wire rack underneath when I was a nipper, probably early to mid 70's, it seemed a bit old fashioned even then when compared to our more well off relatives sets. :bba

It was dual standard, and I know we watched it on 405 because we did not have a "BBC2 aerial" (UHF) at that time.

I don't know if the legs and stand were original or not, I do recall one of my grandparents also had a similar set to this at the time but I recall that although the style was very similar it was not identical, but unfortunately I cannot remember what was different about it, I do remember one of them was a lighter more silvery colour and the other a more yellowy/gold in colour but that is about it!

Did more than one chassis get used in that cabinet style ? as I cannot really remember the two buttons at the bottom (although they could well have been there and I don't remember), or at least not in red shown in that particular picture.
I don't remember the red badge shown on the left hand side either, I seem to think the Stella name was a black transfer type similar to the markings around the controls, only larger and above the speaker slots on the RHS.

Not much to go on I know, but this is trying to remember way back for me, any other information would be a bonus too.
I could even be slightly mixing up memories of the two sets (those of ours and those of my grandparents).

I cannot remember where I even downloaded that picture from, it may even be a member on here's set.

TIA, ttt:

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Style 70 chassis ??

Posted : 02/03/2015 5:54 pm
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Philips 19TG152 or 154 or 158?


Posted : 02/03/2015 6:52 pm
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Date, judging from the style and the lack of a push button UHF tuner, about 1966/67?

I can't imagine many large-screen dual standard sets being issued with rotary UHF tuners after the Postmaster General had outlined BBC1 & ITV going UHF (which, of course, was a couple of years before transmissions commenced).

Posted : 02/03/2015 9:03 pm
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Thanks for the response so far :aad

Going by the model numbers given by Taz, I found the LLJ article for that model, the article was dated Dec 1968, presumably the chassis was introduced a few years before then, so it may be even earlier than that date given by Aidan.

We will have rented at the lower end of the market at that time (given we lived on gravel at the bottom of the pond around then :qq1 ), so it was likely an older model.

I think this was the second from last B&W model we rented, as I vaguely recall a B&W bush set with BBC2 after this one followed by our last rental set which was colour and a PYE G11.

I can just about recall a previous rental set, which was a console set (which seemed huge to me at the time), this set had a built in radio, I was only just starting the infants and I can remember my mum listening to the radio on it while getting me ready for school circa 1972. :bba

I don't know the make of this set, but I can remember the channel selector, this had white "cheese triangle" shaped push buttons arranged in a circle, around a centre red button (amazing the things you remember !), it had a distinct Murphy look judging by photos I have seen since, this would have been a band I/III model I would presume ? we always seemed to rent older models, maybe lack of money at the time.

Obviously my memory of these sets are very vague, I was only little, but I must have been interested enough even then! there may have been other models rented in between but they don't stand out like these do.
I can recall the "Telly man" making fairly frequent visits to breakdowns, I was probably parked on his shoulder :bba , sometimes they would just uplift the faulty set and either lend us a set while they fixed ours, and sometimes they would just replace it with a completely different model.

A right old trip down memory lane.

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