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B&W TV Who ate all the pye’s ?

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Today I thought I would have a go at these 3 sets 

the one on the left is a pye V210 a simple job of a total recap🤣 a good clean and bobs your uncle 

the second set is a pye V110 

this set was acquired from Taz about a year ago Taz had very expertly restored this set but it developed a problem of the width coming in after it had been on for a while 

now I was expecting the lopt to be going into saturation but that wasn’t the case , the HT was dropping to below 200volts  this turned out to be the HT rectifier so it was replaced with a 1N4007 with a 30 ohm series resistor to give the correct HT . 

The Third set on the right is a PYE V510 while it looks like the V210 it is in fact very different , this is a fringe set and using a similar chassis to the V110 but with extra valves for sync and using the later PCL85 frame valve , this set needed a total recap too all those horrible wax caps leaking wax everywhere, this set also needed the HT rectifier changing as it too was under performing so it had the same treatment as the V110

even if I say so myself the 3 sets are performing very well they have been on most of today and as yet no bother with any of them

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146A968A 23E0 41A3 8BC4 EED95EACC3C5



Posted : 11/05/2023 3:32 pm
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Boater Sam
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A nice trio.

Look after the Hoover Constellation under the bench, they were superb. 

Boater Sam

Posted : 11/05/2023 3:59 pm
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They look great!  Was that the chassis where the wax capacitors were on the back of the panel near the anode cap? I remember a chassis like that but I think it had a plastic cabinet, maybe a later model? The capacitors were all black and gooey with stalagmites of waxy dust extending towards the cap. attracted by the static I assume. I think it was the first Pye convertible chassis? 


Posted : 11/05/2023 4:07 pm
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Very nice trio of PYE’s! The 210 and the 510 are a nice design, I saw one at RetroTech last year as part of the display they had put on. I have a 110, bought as partly restored, but it has no control of brightness, and that was suffering a weird line collapse problem whenever it got a signal, turned out to be the weird diode block causing it (can’t remember it’s proper name, or component number!). I thought the LOPT had bit the dust in that one!



Posted : 11/05/2023 5:18 pm