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[Closed] Free-To_view Service data, Hints, Tips and recommendations

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This post is predominantly aimed at guests looking in, its purpose is to hopefully inform and educate about Radios-TV. 

Over the weekend I was contacted by a guest wishing to know if I could provide some information about an old TV. I asked if they had checked the service department menus up top for what they required as it was freely available. The response was no and that they weren't aware of anything available, I pointed them to the "service dept" and all was well.

This got me thinking, that I probably need to have a public post and not assume external folk take the time to "click-about". Therefore without further goes.

Without becoming a member of Radios-TV / Vrat, all guests have access to a whole raft of "Free-to-view" service information. This information is accessed via the top menu bar item called "Service Dept" (see graphic below). If you're on a Phone or tablet its accessed the usual way, via the "Hamburger" menu.

Of course there are further benefits if you join and become a member, this is only natural and is covered in our rules.

One of the obvious main benefits is the ability to talk with ex trade service engineers and a wealth of experienced and seasoned amateurs. Nothing beats being able to discuss and share your fault and get expert guidance. Finally, when members become fully active and that means they visit and post with regularity on the forum, they will be granted access to the main members data library.  This library has 1000's of items stored and is constantly being extended as and when I have time to scan data. You also get the option to request data via the SOD (scan-On-Demand) service. I have a huge amount of physical data and its not all scanned as it would take forever. Therefore when something is sought but not found in the library, chances are high I have it and will scan it upon request.

So there you have it, plenty of free service data up top and if you do choose to join potential access to much more.


Notice: As of 17/04/2020 The free-to-view section has now been migrated into our K-Base service.