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[Solved] Radios-TV Blog & Forum; Unification via Enhanced Account Control Panel  

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Your Enhanced Account/Profile page

Before, on your forum account page, all you would find were as Brucie would say, "The scores on the doors.." and links to just your forum account, forum activity and forum subscriptions, but nothing to easily find your blog activity.


Now you will notice your profile and account page fully enhanced. The First new thing you notice is your site account banner, (you have the site default, you can change this if you wish) Second the site Avatar (just click on it to change) and the newly included all your blog "comments", "forums" and "messages" links.


You, other members and guests, can now easily find all your blog contributions via this newly integrated feature. If you click on your profile (the 1st little icon tab on your control panel) you will see what I mean.

Let's cover these in greater detail.

The "Comments" Tab

For those of you who have taken part in posting comments on the Radios-TV blog, be it on Blog Articles, Blog posts or responding to other Blog comments, these are now clearly listed and link-able. Now you and other can follow all your blog activity. If you've never made any blog comments then of course this section will be empty. Perhaps it might encourage you to have a mooch around all the blog articles, posts and perhaps make some comments, though it is not mandatory to do so.


The "Forums" Tab

Clicking on this will give you like before, a breakdown of your forum activity but rather than a grid of blocks with static numbers, now they appear as additional link tabs which are pretty much self-explanatory. These tabs when clicked will provide you with all the associated topics, replies, likes and subscriptions that you have ever made on the forum. You and others can then easily find and follow your forum activity.


The "Messages" Tab

This loads the site private messaging system, it has now been fully integrated into your site profile page, no longer needed via the side-bar menu.

  1. When on your site profile page you can instantly access your private messaging tools and messages, by clicking on "messages".


To make any changes to your account like, e-mail or password, click on the setting cog which is located to the right of your profile banner.

As I said at the start, this nicely integrates all a members site activity into one simple unified page, easily accessed by others to follow you. Hopefully coming soon will be the ability to follow another member and get notifications.

For now, other members can just click on your username, they will be taken to your profile page and from there they can click on your site profile, to find all your blog activity.

Hope this helps

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One of the best new features of this enhancement is the ability to easily private message another member from anywhere within the forum.

All you need to do is click on the members name you wish to message. No longer any need to load the PM system then search directories for a member or pattern match their ID within the To: box.

Example below:

I clicked on Mikes username from a thread, it took me to his profile page, I clicked on message and it loaded the form. All I needed to do then was fill in the subject, the message and then hit "send Message".



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Are you sure you didn't mean to type "Oh Wide One"?! 🤣 S and D are next to each other on the keyboard after all!

Joking apart, that is a very useful enhancement to have.

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And in case you've all not noticed, for you social media junkies, there are links to enable you to share posts/threads on Twitter, Whatsapp and LinkedIn.


Assuming you have an account on Twitter, Whatsapp or LinkedIn, if you click on the posts social media Icon it will automatically create the share and post it for you on the proposed system.(see below). 


Note: The forum software allows me the option to add Facebook features to the forum, like login (if you're logged into FB it auto logs you in here) and share buttons but it requires me to have a Facebook account to set up a developer API, I do not have one. I Tried to set up an account purely as Radios-TV website, it let me go through the process of doing so then once created, I got immediately banned. Apparently this is not allowed! There is no way I'm setting up a personal account as I despise FB, so apologies to those who would like Facebook "unified login" and share button.