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[Solved] Site Pop-up Notices  

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When you now access the login page or Technical data library, a pop-up notification box appears.The purpose of these notifications is to assist members.


In the case of login, mainly aimed at returning members to Vrat, those who have not logged in for many years and what they need to do to resolve it. The box clearly states this! It also clearly states how to clear the notification box, either hitting the red button or waiting until it clears by itself.

What it does not mean is that your account has been disabled and that is why you are seeing the pop-up! Just clear the notification and proceed to login.

A similar tailored pop-up now appears when you try to access the Technical data Library. Again just clear the pop up as described.

These notifications were set up because nobody seemed to read the FAQ advice documents or follow the links on either pages. I therefore decided it would be best to prompt directly, via notification.

The two main relentless occurrences that prompted me to create the notification pop-up's are :-

  1. Trying to login, failing three times and getting blocked by the firewall. Despite there being a link stating if you're having problems follow this link or the reset password link. If their account was disabled it actually alerts in red that the account is disabled.
  2. Why can't I access the data library.

Finally for clarity.

If you want to login, clear the notification.

If your account is disabled, the system will tell you and you can check via the notification link

If your password or username are incorrect it will tell you, in red.

If you want to access the data library, see if you meet the criteria. If you do, just clear the notification and proceed.