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AM Stereo Receivers Wanted

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Hi all I'm looking for receivers that are C-Quam compatible. Obviously these aren't very common here in the UK as we never adopted AM Stereo. But they do appear on eBay occasionally.

I've currently managed to obtain the following from UK sellers:

TEAC-T515 : originally sold in Australia 

Sony SRF-A1: originally sold in America, Canada, Australia and some European countries. 

Both of these are C-Quam AM Stereo receivers.

If anyone has a receivers which is compatible with AM Stereo they wish to sell, I'd be very interested.

Ideally looking for the Australian SONY ST-JX220A which might have made its way over here, or the same model from other countries with 230/240v mains.

Topic starter Posted : 02/07/2020 3:55 pm