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[Closed] Balancing coil L5003 for Philips G8

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Whilst attempting to balance the BU208 pair in my G8 the ferrite core got stuck.

No problem I thought, I've read about removing the L5003 and carefully cutting around the center of the coil former with a junior hacksaw.

This was attempted and now I have separated coil former and unfortunately the ferrite core snapped

Does any body have an old L5003 they can sell me or does anyone know what size the ferrite core is?

Topic starter Posted : 22/02/2018 7:43 am
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If no one has one you could try Mark Hindes web store, I couldn’t see any on the web site but it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Posted : 22/02/2018 8:09 am
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I've asked the question Frank

Topic starter Posted : 22/02/2018 8:32 am
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It sounds very simple in the procedure doesn't it, but I did think to myself having read it before, how it could be a risky thing to attempt.

Is the ferrite core fairly standard, as a replacement might be obtained from a scrap convergence coil for instance.

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Posted : 22/02/2018 8:37 pm
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I did think about re-purposing L1917 off a the convergence panel but I don't have a spare panel either. It's all academic now I have sourced one. Thanks for your comments.

I guess this can be closed now.

Topic starter Posted : 04/03/2018 10:31 am